I just have this Huge urge to explore this world – different places, different cultures, different kind of nature and everything. I have SO many ideas where to go and it is difficult for me to really stick with one plan and start to make that adventure to become a reality someday (hopefully sooner than later!). The freedays from work are limited so that’s the biggest thing hindering me from pursuing my dreams. (Also the psychological lock that questions if I really am allowed to be happy and live my life in my own way). I also want to use my holidays to go to meet my family, relatives and friends. So how to have time for all of these? 🙂 I’d like to go for example to explore Asian countries, South American countries (test my very basic Spanish skills. Yes I know they speak Portuguese in some countries), also North America would be interesting in many ways, visit countries in Africa AND visit Australia and New Zealand again. And, and, and… These dreams keep me alive in otherwise monotonous life where nothing happens – just work and being mostly by myself. I don’t know what to do with these dreams! 😀 Where to start and with whom. Time and money are limited. I just figured out one day that my dream job could be an explorer. I was born to learn and to find new things all the time. I was ready to settle down with a guy I was madly in love with but there were too many obstacles so maybe it wasn’t ment to be. Now I can start to chase after my dreams again – which is awesome.
Others buy houses, dogs, fancy cars and start a family. I run on my own searching for new things 🙂 Sometimes it feels very lonely. (I feel I haven’t achieved things people at my age usually have and I feel I am different so it’s difficult to find people who truly share the same passion as me). But I’ve noticed it is my way of living so I will try to keep this habit alive. I though really hope I will also find (and be able to keep) the love of my life. But in the meanwhile “Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts” 😀 ❤


“You are very lucky to have a passport”

There are many good blogs out there that give us so much joy and helps us to get out from our head and take a broader view of life. One of these blogs is held by Eric Ibey. I pumped into one of his articles recently about break up and subscribed to his mailing list. Now he just sent an article about something that really resonates with my heart – making life again a bit simpler and seeing the world!

If we are able to travel we are extremely privileged. I’ve known that always but this blog post reminded me of that again. And made my urge to travel even bigger. I just have to see the world – I have to.


ps. Here’s one blog that I have been following for years already. They have really helped me with their writings.

New plans again

I don’t know to whom am I writing for but I still thought I’ll share some pieces of my life again. Hopefully I’ll have someday time and energy to put here more photos from my trips (like the rest of the Iceland trip). 😀

My life has taken a U-turn again. My relationship didn’t work out so my plans to move to Australia doesn’t happen either. I am now trying to figure out what to do instead. Definitely my heart tells me to travel more! And not some small one week holidays (although they are very expected and welcomed too! Thanks to Jonna, Pauliina and Pia) 🙂 but some bigger and braver like travel around the world alone, go to New Zealand for awhile with a working holiday visa or go for example to Nepal to do some voluntary work. If I’m planning to be more than one month in a row travelling I will then though have to quit my permanent job so I really have to make some detailed plans before acting out. Any ideas what I could do with my life in the near future? 😀

I am very grateful that everything is possible now! I just need to find my path now. Some nice travelling company would be welcomed too 😉

Iceland! Part two (in the south)

A volcano under a glacier called Eyjafjallajokull that erupted last time in March 2010.

A volcano under a glacier called Eyjafjallajokull (“Eijafjatlajökutl”) that erupted last time in March 2010.

Skógafoss. We stayed there couple nights.

Islannista melko alkumatkasta 080 Islannista melko alkumatkasta 092 Islannista melko alkumatkasta 107 Islannista melko alkumatkasta 109 Islannista melko alkumatkasta 105 Islannista melko alkumatkasta 125

Above the waterfall goes about 24 km long hiking path. We would have hiked that route but I was very ill and the winter conditions weren’t for our favor.

Islannista melko alkumatkasta 127 Juhannus 2015 640 Juhannus 2015 657

Reynisfjara Beach – Warning: “Don’t come here in a very windy day.” As we did 😀 I’ve never experienced as strong wind with snow rain

The wind!

The wind!

Black beach - the sand wash from volcanic eruptions

Black sand beach – the sand was from volcanic eruptions



Stormy Atlantic ocean

Stormy Atlantic ocean

An Amazing experience!

An Amazing experience!

Vík (engl. bay) - a very little town which will die if that volcano behind us will erupt (and they are waiting for that)

Vík (engl. bay) – a very little town (with about 450 inhabitants) which will die if that volcano right near there will erupt (and they are expecting that to happen at some point).

A stormy day again

A stormy day again

The weather isn't nice for the buildings.

The weather isn’t nice for the buildings.

Vatnajokull (read

Vatnajokull (read “Vatnajökutl”) – the biggest glacier in Europe. And it is HUGE.

The place where we were was Skaftafell so the glacier from the Vatnajokull was called there Skaftafellsjökull.

The place where we were was Skaftafell so the glacier from the Vatnajokull was called there Skaftafellsjökull.

It was Huge! And it was a bit scary to walk in there.

It was Huge! And it was a bit scary to walk in there.

Juhannus 2015 861

Our first hot springs ever!!! And it was SO relaxing :)

Our first hot springs ever!!! And it was SO relaxing 🙂

Etelän eka kuuma lähde

Iceland! 30.3. – 12.4.2015 Part one

Finally I could make one of my dreams come true – to visit Iceland! 🙂 We drove in two weeks 2575 km and it was An Adventure!! We really know now that there really are limits in Iceland that with what kind of car you can drive on certain roads. And we had a little Hyundai 🙂 That served us well though. We drove mainly on the Route 1 – the Ring Road. We started from Keflavik and drove from south to east and north and back to Keflavik. Here are a tiny fraction of my photos from our holiday. 🙂

Juhannus 2015 005 Juhannus 2015 007

Our first morning started with a beautiful sunshine and talking with nice people from different countries. The previous night was scary trying to find our hostel (with a paper map, no navigator) in pitch black trying to get our car away from a hole full of snow in a freezing weather… But we survived. Thanks to the hostel that was right next to us and very very nice and helpful guys from the hostel!!

Juhannus 2015 023 Juhannus 2015 028 Juhannus 2015 032

Bridges are for one car at a time

Juhannus 2015 043 Juhannus 2015 052  Juhannus 2015 061 Juhannus 2015 064 Juhannus 2015 066 Juhannus 2015 069 Juhannus 2015 079 Juhannus 2015 094 Juhannus 2015 096 Juhannus 2015 120 Juhannus 2015 128 Juhannus 2015 130 Juhannus 2015 135

Thingvellir National Park

Juhannus 2015 170 Juhannus 2015 171 Juhannus 2015 176

Between two tectonic plates – Eurasian and North America. Those plates diverge every year about 2 cm.

Juhannus 2015 186 Juhannus 2015 197 Juhannus 2015 207 Juhannus 2015 219 Juhannus 2015 289

Our gas station 😀

Icelandic horses are adorable! Unfortunately the wind was SO freezing that an hour on a horse was too much…

Islannista melko alkumatkasta 033 Islannista melko alkumatkasta 051

Islannista melko alkumatkasta 059

A common view in Iceland


Juhannus 2015 372 Juhannus 2015 373 Juhannus 2015 394


Juhannus 2015 442 Juhannus 2015 443

Gullfoss was an amazing place to visit.

Juhannus 2015 525

“Don’t go there” but we did.

Juhannus 2015 469

Juhannus 2015 550

Katri and Eve in Iceland!