Congratulations Finland!!!

Exactly 100 years ago this tiny Nordic and poor country got an important independence. And 100 years later we have made this country one of the best in this world!!! (education, equality, technology, safety, health care, fresh air, environment etc etc). I am so extremely grateful for those generations who had to fight during the years and new wars and keep our independence and build this country every time after wars had ruined everything. This includes my close relatives! I couldn’t be more proud of Finnish gut (SISU) and the attitude that we will survive and make things even better by hard work in very hard weather conditions. Thank you all! In memory my grandmother Elsa 🙂 I understand my own personality nowadays better by hearing stories about my relatives 🙂


By the way – we have this huge and important party in the presidential residence where they invite every independence day a bit under 2000 quests that have made something important. This year one of my closest’s friend’s father is there with his wife 😀 That is cool. Congratulations Finland and keep on going!






From which angle do you see the elephant?

I am fighting against the windmills at work all the time… It pisses me off more and more. I can’t stand my idiot boss who just ignores everything I say and just understands nothing and still seems to think she is wiser than I am. It just happened again. I am the only person on my field in this town and there just is WAY too much work for one person. I have no colleagues, I do everything BY MYSELF. And still they take me for granted. I just can’t stand idiot people who understands nothing about the real things and who try to keep me silent by ignoring my arguments about making things better. I work with little children and I really am concerned about their future and I would like to do my best to help them as much as possible now before the problems grow too big. But no – my bosses just do not listen to me… I think most of the people on this earth just don’t have ability to think about things in a wider spectrum. Everybody looks at the elephant from their point of view (which is narrow) and doesn’t listen to other people and how they see things. Here at work everybody is complaining and crying over a spilled coffee and not listening when I try to suggest things that could maybe prevent that cup for falling down. I just don’t know for how long I can take this anymore. It has soon been for four years like this. No working place is perfect so that’s why I still am here. BUT I am nowadays way too often pissed off and many reasons for that comes from work. I really like my closest colleagues but it starts to feel like enough is enough. Although I think everywhere I go I will meet same kinds of people so will I win ever? I don’t think so. I just am slowly giving up. I may need to find another working place. And I don’t think this town will ever understand the real reasons why I left.


So people, please, try to be open to new ideas and suggestions. At least listen to other people and their ideas and discuss about them. That is the only way of making life a bit better.

How to have faith that your life will get better?

How to stay positive and keep your dreams alive while living very basic life and watching at the same time other people going forward with their lives the same way you wish you could? It is difficult. Luckily I have deep down very optimistic person inside of me. Exercising, socializing and being active trying to do things you like is the key to stay positive 🙂 You need to put one foot in front of the other and keep on going. Pushing yourself out from the dark and melancholic cave where you have been for a very long time cutting down ties to people and just trying to stay alive (while feeling very depressed from time to time) is hard, I know! But it is possible. You need to do it day after day, one step at the time. You will fall again many times but all the time if you just keep on pushing yourself towards normal life you are slowly getting better and better and suddenly you notice you smile and laugh much more often than you used to 🙂 I am still afraid of letting people come back to my life and coming out from my safe cave but I will do it! Slowly 🙂 I just need more positive people around me who give me courage to try new things.

At the same time it is very important to remind yourself regularly how many things really are well in your life! I am extremely grateful about million things in my life! Do not just concentrate on things that you wish would be better. It is a cliché but true that you need to count your blessings. If your basic things in life are fine (health (especially!), family, a home!, fresh water, food etc etc) then you already have many things to enjoy. I for example enjoy going to a warm shower. It is so enjoyable and a normal thing for me but not for many people on this planet! We need to have dreams and go towards them but we need to keep the humbleness with us at the same time. Life is constant balancing. But exercising really makes you feel better! I highly recommend 🙂 Just came from fitness boxing and I love it! So people, you just need to keep on going and get out from your head! There are so many things to enjoy in life and a lot of beautiful things around you. Peace, love and namaste. And good luck to my dad who just flew to Spain and starts soon a sailing race over the Atlantic ocean with no experience of sailing 😀 Go dad! Life is ment to be lived trying new and scary things! Just come back safe and sound 🙂


“Ships are safe in the harbour but that’s not what they were built for”

How to know when it’s enough?

How to know it’s time for a change? I have been feeling unhappy with myself and my life for years. No matter how hard I’ve tried to make my life enjoyable, fight against complaining and feeling depressed and anxious and find the beauty and shine in my life I’ve always found myself from a hole feeling those feelings and complaining. I have gone through a lot in this life but now it really is time when I know I have no other choice but to make some big move in my life. I can’t strain anyone with my anxiousness anymore and I don’t want to! I know what I would like my life to be like but I just don’t know how to get there. I got to live for a dream for some short time but that dream wasn’t ment to stay in my life. It wasn’t my destiny.

Firstly I know it starts to be time to leave this little town where I live and a working place where I am very miserable (work colleagues and my apartment are nice but anything else really sucks). I have been thinking about leaving this place for years already but for some reason (tired of moving often and starting from the beginning and out of fear) I’ve stayed here. But now I feel I’m against a wall – either I’ll emotionally and mentally die here or I will just take my belongings, move to a new place and try in a new working place. It won’t change my life for the better instantly or maybe even at all but I think it’s still better than staying here.


So how to know you need to make a change in your life? You feel anxious, sad and angry all the time, you feel you are stuck, you are afraid if this is it (you are questioning if life just really is this gray and if feeling miserable all the time is called normal life), you don’t really get excited or interested about anything anymore, you are isolating yourself from social relationships and your life gets smaller and smaller all the time. Then it really is time to make a change! I know making big changes in your life is very stressful but if you are this low then it’s better to take the risk and try something new. Now I need to start to make a plan what will I do. Luckily there are people out there who are telling how they got their life back – people like Sonia Ricotti who wrote a book “Unsinkable”. I haven’t read it yet but I took part of her webinar called “Bounce back big”. Reading and hearing about other people who bounced back to life gives us hope.