From which angle do you see the elephant?

I am fighting against the windmills at work all the time… It pisses me off more and more. I can’t stand my idiot boss who just ignores everything I say and just understands nothing and still seems to think she is wiser than I am. It just happened again. I am the only person on my field in this town and there just is WAY too much work for one person. I have no colleagues, I do everything BY MYSELF. And still they take me for granted. I just can’t stand idiot people who understands nothing about the real things and who try to keep me silent by ignoring my arguments about making things better. I work with little children and I really am concerned about their future and I would like to do my best to help them as much as possible now before the problems grow too big. But no – my bosses just do not listen to me… I think most of the people on this earth just don’t have ability to think about things in a wider spectrum. Everybody looks at the elephant from their point of view (which is narrow) and doesn’t listen to other people and how they see things. Here at work everybody is complaining and crying over a spilled coffee and not listening when I try to suggest things that could maybe prevent that cup for falling down. I just don’t know for how long I can take this anymore. It has soon been for four years like this. No working place is perfect so that’s why I still am here. BUT I am nowadays way too often pissed off and many reasons for that comes from work. I really like my closest colleagues but it starts to feel like enough is enough. Although I think everywhere I go I will meet same kinds of people so will I win ever? I don’t think so. I just am slowly giving up. I may need to find another working place. And I don’t think this town will ever understand the real reasons why I left.


So people, please, try to be open to new ideas and suggestions. At least listen to other people and their ideas and discuss about them. That is the only way of making life a bit better.


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