Be Who You Are: Live Your Dreams

This is difficult and important! I am now trying to find courage and a way to Finally find the real me and FINALLY start to create a life that really truly feels as my own (and not something that others have said I should do or not do etc.). I feel extreme anxious about this because at my age (soon 31 years) most people already have created and found their own life which they can now grow to become stronger and stronger. I’m afraid that the train has left me. BUT we can NEVER lose hope. Anything is possible in life… So let’s start to have courage to be who we are and chase our dreams. The famous actress Helen Mirren (72 years old) said once when they asked what she regrets in life that she should have said “F*** off” much more often 😀 Meaning that do not give a s**t what others think of you if something feels good to you. That is a great advice!


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