Life teaches us

Life is difficult. We are constantly being taught new things – how to behave, what to say and how to say it ect etc. I once again was taught by my boss at work that no matter how much you think you deserve something and feel that now is your time to have something, you still have to be extremely humble and in a very kind and begging way to approach that subject. I am usually too kind and I have been letting things go through and not been often asking for my rights. Now that I am trying to learn to defend myself I am constantly being challenged and taught that you still have to be silent, peaceful and humble. Yes, I agree that is a better way for living than being screaming for your rights but I have to admit that I start to be tired. No matter what you do, say or how you just are there will always be someone(s) who want to correct your behavior, say what kind of words you should be using and even telling you how to live your life. I have earlier been saying that we should be tough (and I think we still in a way should be) but recently I have been taught again so many times that humility is the best way of living.


So just wanted to remind myself and others that we are stumbling all the time but we are also learning all the time. Let’s be tough AND humble 🙂 The happy medium is true. We will learn 🙂


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