Be tough and stand on your own feet

We have this one life – make it as good as possible. Don’t be too soft. Be tough. Stand on your own feet and trust only yourself. Love others but be your own best friend. Don’t tell too much of your inner thoughts to anyone. Everyone has so much of their own problems or things that stress them. No one has the energy to listen to you more than couple times. After that they get irritated and you feel even worse about yourself. Life is really tough. Bad things happen all the time to totally innocent people and animals. Still we need to be good to everyone and try to make the future better the way we can.

Through my 30 years of life eperience I’ve finally understood that there is no one but yourself. You need to make yourself feel good, you need to make things you like, you need to push yourself go forward all the time. You are living for yourself – no one else (except if you have children). If you are too soft and weak others will start to dislike you. Be proud of who you are and don’t let others put you down. Everything starts from self respect.

Romantic love is illusion. Do not try to chase that. After 1,5-2 years of infatuation your relationship will need as much work as all the other relationships. Life is constant work. Do not try to suffocate your feelings – you will get depressed. I’ve tried to suffocate myself for years and be “the good girl”. By doing so I’ve lost  the real me and my self respect + respect from others. I just got a reminder from one person about that. It woke me up. I do not need to try to please others and push down my own voice and dreams. Other people give you advices through their own life experiences. No one else but you know what really is good for you.

Be tough. Listen to your own inner voice. Be your own best friend. Listen more than you speak. Don’t tell too much of your inner thoughts. Find the things that gives you the feeling of a life well lived. Be proud of yourself.


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