The difficulties of trying to find the right partner for yourself

How to cope in the dating jungle? How to bounce back every time you get beaten down with your hopes? I have tried to be as good person as I can my whole life and am all the time training myself to become a better and better version of me. Sometimes just feels I have no energy to try anymore. I feel the windmills are all the time blowing against me. I am on the right track with my life but still I haven’t been able to unlock the locks so that my life really could thrive. I have tried many different approaches to life but nothing seems to work.

I really don’t understand people. Healing from a VERY bad breakup and trying to start the dating again has taken time and still is in the middle of the process. I have been talking with tens of men online (now and during the years) and it is REALLY difficult to find a person you truly get interested in – someone who even has a small potential to become something more. Then one day someone hits your heart (when you had been questioning if you are able to fall in love ever again). You try to guard yourself, keeping him a little bit in a distance, not allowing him to come inside of your heart totally. Gradually you notice you think of him all the time and are CONSTANTLY waiting for his messages and every time you see one from him your heart sings. Then you ask couple frank questions and try to find out what kind of person he really is and… he vanishes… Pufff, he’s gone. You send couple messages (thought very carefully what to write and how), apologize if you hurt him and explain why you wanted to know such things but nothing… You are out.

And there are A LOT of people like him. I still think he probably is a good person with good intentions but this is enough, I’m done. Nowadays it is so extremely easy just to cut people out of your life without any explanation. It is really hard for a person who has no intention nor energy to play any games. But who really just wants to find a normal caring good person with whom they really click with and can start to create a life together and stay together forever. That seems to be extremely hard nowadays – no one is able to settle down anymore or act normally! Where are the social manners???

I try to keep myself positive and active in life (btw it is constant work for everyone) but sometimes it is just hard. I want to find a normal person who doesn’t just VANISH!

So please, if you are dating at the moment, be polite and use your social manners. Talk about your feelings and explain why you act in a certain way. Without communication nothing can work. If you are not interested about the other person tell them that and wish them all the best with finding the right one for them. And if the other one says or does something that you don’t like, tell them about it! Explain why you didn’t like it. We all are human beings with the same core desires – to have a happy and healthy life. So let’s be nice to each other – it doesn’t cost anything.


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