10 things you don’t ever have to give up doing

  1. Don’t stop dreaming. Without dreaming there isn’t joy.
  2. Don’t ever stop loving. Tell every day to your loved ones you love them. You can never say it too much.
  3. Don’t ever stop finding or searching. There is so much to see and to experience in the world that we should never stay on our comfort zone.
  4. Don’t ever stop saying thank you for yourself. If you don’t appreciate yourself then who will?
  5. Don’t ever give up doing good things to others. Even though you wouldn’t get a prize by doing that you will get something much more.
  6. Don’t ever stop believing. There aren’t always proofs so you just have to believe.
  7. Don’t ever stop believing in yourself. Believing in yourself will carry you where ever you are going.
  8. Don’t stop learning. New realizations are a proof that you are alive.
  9. Don’t ever stop trying. You fail only when you stop trying.
  10. Don’t ever stop smiling. Every time you smile you spread the joy forward.


And the same in Finnish:



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