Express Your TRUE Self

This is something I have had to deal with all my life and still am trying to have the courage to really be who I am because the environment always favours something else than what I really feel I am. I think this problem costed me a relationship I really thought was the one I had been searching for. So this is serious stuff.

Jay Colby

Being our true self can be overwhelming at times in a society that is often overly judgmental. For many of us we’re taught that certain behaviors and ways are the best way of doing things, and expected for us to do. Therefore, when we don’t live up to these expectations, we might be judged, ashamed or criticized for our actions. This causes us to learn to behave and act as we’re “supposed to” and we hide our true self and wear an invisible mask to be expected. Essentially, we learn what it takes to protect ourselves from the hurt and pain that can be caused by being an authentic and true to ourselves. This is such a common occurrence that many times we don’t even realize that we have been suppressing our identity.

Take off the Mask

Hiding behind societal norms can follow us as we transition into adulthood and…

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