My missing piece

(btw sorry for possible errors in my texts. I’m not a native English speaker) 🙂

Hello after a long time. There has been happening so much that I haven’t had time to write here. One of the most surprising and wonderful thing has been that I have met a guy, a wonderful guy who is from Australia!!! 😀 My wishes have really been heard. While I for some reason had been feeling I just need to go to Australia and that something there attracts me a lot a guy from there comes into my life 🙂 I have been (an still am a little bit) cautious about this. This is something so unreal that I am questioning is this really happening and can this happiness really last? 🙂 That is one reason I haven’t had courage to write about him in here. He is my soul twin 😀 We have been laughing to that a lot. When I was getting first messages from him I was questioning if there really are men like him 🙂 I wish SO much that he is FINALLY the one for me! He came for a short visit in Finland couple of weeks ago. Next time we’ll see in July and after that in October so this really is A LONG DISTANCE relationship. But I am so happy about him that we will survive this distance. It feels like I have found the missing piece of my life. I feel I am alive again and I’ve found some kind of peace inside me. Everything feels so natural. Me who has always been afraid of close relationships and who has never lived with a man wants now as soon as possible to move to live with him. And that is our aim – to find a place where to live together in the beginning of next year. Either I will move to Australia for a short time at first or he will come to live in Finland. We have this year time to think about it. I am so happy and grateful about him coming into my life! So thank you honey! ❤

p.s. I will update photos and text about my trip to Morocco and Iceland during the spring. Iceland calls in two weeks!!! Woohoo! 😀


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